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Solid bars for a more sustainable future

Did you know? A family of four can save 100 plastic bottles a year by switching to solid bars. But even more so, producing the plastic has a massive impact on greenhouse gases, and currently plastic production heats the planet twice as much as aviation, so the choice is really quite simple, go solid today!

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Proud Finalists in Irish Made Awards 2020

Janni Bars


Thank you so much Janni Bars for my Bright White Shampoo that got him (my pony) so white. 

Devon Murray (Actor and Horse owner)

I absolutely love these bars. I was skeptical of ditching my conditioner but amazed at how I don't need it. My hair is soft and manageable and feels incredibly clean. Can't recommend enough.  

Terri Berwanger

Environmentally friendly, beautiful and very efficient products! Switch to bars, bottles are stupid. 

Moa Malmberg

Natural hair care

Handmade in Ireland