Shampoo Bars

Welcome to Shampoo Bars!

Shampoo bars brings you the best of natural shampoo minus the water, because let´s face it, you guys have your own water. By not transporting millions of litres of water we can  lower emissions for transport for our hair care products. We can also cut out plastic altogether. Because a shampoo bar is concentrated, each bar replaces not one but two regular plastic bottles of shampoo or conditioner. Instead we use only paper packaging which is fully recycable, paper breaks down in nature faster than an apple!
But it doesn´t stop there! Our bars made with the best naturally luxurious ingredients which works wonders for your hair, we have left out things like silicone and parabens to make our bars a healthier option. Our bars have no transition period and does not require any after rinse. You can also trust that your bar is handmade in Ireland and never ever tested on animals
To help find the best bar for you we have created this grid: