Our story

Janni Sjostrand

   I am Janni, native to Sweden but living in Ireland and behind Janni Bars. I moved to Ireland as I found it was the best place for me to follow my passion, horses. Since 2011 I have been self-employed and has since sold and exported hundreds of horses, I also breed horses and active within Showjumping in Ireland.

In 2018 I was having a particularly difficult year with the horses due to the drought, sales very rapidly declined. In the same moment I fell on to my first shampoo bar. As I am so focused on horses and have been all my life, and having had such a great experience using a shampoo bar, I immediately started looking for a shampoo bar for horses, but could not find any in the northern hemisphere. So, I got to work and I taught myself the skill of making soap and cosmetics, an ongoing process of course. Had I not been having a bad year with the horses perhaps this would have never happened, but I quickly seen a window of opportunity for me where I could widen my own personal skills and use it for something really good, it was such an eye opener to the plastic pollution problem. 

So Janni Bars started as a means to create plastic free grooming products for dogs and horses, but very rapidly grew to a company that focuses not only on pets but on personal care products that are always handmade with the kindest available ingredients and always as sustainable packaging as we can manage. I hope that when using our products you a great experience and know that each sale is so important to me as a small sustainable Irish business.  


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