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Our story

    Janni, native to Sweden but living in Ireland, is behind Janni Bars. I moved to Ireland as I found it was the best place for me to follow my passion, horses. In 2016 Imagine Sporthorses was founded and has since sold and exported hundreds of horses, we are also breeders and active within Showjumping in Ireland. I am well aware of the importance of having horses looking clean and shiny, but also keeping fungus and rashes to a minimum, so these are important things for me when picking shampoo for the yard, but I was getting a little tired of all the plastic waste lying around the hose in the yard.


So, sometimes we have to take a step back in order to go forward. Janni Bars is nothing new, it is simply health and beauty re-invented. Most people use conventional soaps and shampoo's and don't think much about content or packaging, but a wave of change is coming, the new generation will be the one putting the environment and health first. Take another look the next time you are in the shop, the rows and rows of plastic bottles, they all have to go somewhere, we are littering the earth at a crazy rate, and something has to give. 


Inspired firstly in reducing plastic waste, and seeing a great need in Ireland, and Europe, for an all natural Horse and Dog shampoo bar, I set to work to create Janni Bars, with minimal and recyclable plastic-free packaging only as my number one goal. A small collection of soap, shampoo and lotions for people followed as well. 


Second, it is important to me to use only natural ingredients, there is no need to wash ourselves and our pets in harmful chemicals, parabens, silicones etc. Our skin is the biggest organ of the body, and all that we put on it will be absorbed, for better or for worse. Nature has given us all we need for cleansing, moisturizing, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, scrubs, the list and the possibilities are endless, we just have to treasure what is already there and learn how to use it. Finally, just because it is natural does not mean it has to be boring, nature is full of beauty, living in Ireland is very inspiring with colors, flowers, clays, and I try to incorporate that in my collections because who does not like beautiful things?