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Janni Bars

Leather Soap

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Lemon and Lavender Leather Soap, with added Lanolin.

For a thorough clean of leather there is no comparison to cold-pressed soap containing glycerin. There is also added lanolin to this tub, which has been used for centuries to soften and protect leather. The added high quality essential oils, Lemon and Lavender, not only give a great scent but help to fend off mould and mildew as well. 

Apply with a damp sponge, or biodegradable alternative, and wipe of excess lather. For the best result, leave to dry and treat with Janni Bars Leather Balm. 

But wait! There is more, not only is this an all natural and eco-friendly product inside made with only high quality ingredients, but if you mind the tin you can buy the refill, and save the environment and money! Your refill will arrive in a fully compostable bag that you with a clean conscience can through on your muckheap or compost! 

Size: 250 ml 

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