Leather Balm

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Leather Balm
Leather Balm

This 100% natural and handmade product is ideal for your leather couch, handbag, shoes... whatever you please!

Made with carefully selected ingredients, this balm is long-lasting with a beautiful scent and does wonders for your leather. It will condition and nourish your old and new leather. Bring back a brilliant shine. Beeswax helps to deeply condition and soften leather, as well as repel water and protects for the future, extending the life-cycle of your leather products. The neutral color does not stain, which makes it suitable for all color of leather. Do not use on suede or nubuck. 

Apply with a cloth or unsponge and leave to penetrate, then buff to shine. For best result use Janni Bars Leather Soap to clean first. 

But wait! There is more, not only is this an all natural and eco-friendly product inside made with only high quality ingredients, but if you mind the tin you can buy the refill, and save the environment and money! Your refill will arrive in a fully compostable bag that you with a clean conscience can through on your muckheap or compost! 

Size: 250 ml

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