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Janni Bars

Heather Honey Healing Balm

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Irish Heather Honey - Healing Balm

Loaded with anti-oxidants

Irish Heather Honey has recently been proven to be more potent and have a higher level of anti-oxidants than imported Manuka Honey. A super-power raw product right at out Irish doorstep! Anti-oxidants are important for cell re-growth which is why this balm helps to speed up the healing of various skin ailments. It is suitable for cuts, grazes, scabs, itchy and flaky skin, mud rash and more. The balm's all natural ingredients make it anti-fungal and anti-bacterial as well as softening and moisturizing, put together in to an easy-to-apply balm. Apply as closely to the affected area as possible and as often as required. 


Contains no substances banned by the FEI


But wait! There is more, not only is this an all natural and eco-friendly product inside made with only high quality ingredients, but if you mind the tin you can buy the refill, and save the environment and money! Your refill will arrive in a fully compostable bag that you with a clean conscience can through on your muckheap or compost! 

Size: 250 ml 

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